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Dating My Spouse


Get your 2016 Button!

Community Marriage Builders is continuing the “Dating My Spouse” campaign for 2016. The program is designed to encourage married couples to set a regular date night at least once a month. The idea is that CMB will sell buttons for $30 and those buttons will allow couples to receive special discounts (i.e. buy-one get-one free) at local establishments. The discounts will run at all participating establishments from Monday through Thursday starting at 5:00 p.m. on the second full week of each month.

The program will begin in the second full week of January 2016 and will run through December 2016. Each month the couple will receive an e-mail reminder that will highlight one of the establishments and update any new establishments that have been added. The total potential savings for each couple could be from $180 to $720 over the course of the campaign depending on how many times the couple eats out during that week.

You can purchase buttons at the Community Marriage Builders’ Office, the Vineyard bookstore for $30.00 or you can order it online. ($4.00 charge will be added to online orders for shipping and handling.)


Participating Establishments          (more to come!)

Buy-One, Get-one Entree Free Offers: (Dine in Only)

RedGeranium150     Red Geranium, New Harmony


TinFish_Logo150    The Tin Fish, Newburgh


SPUDZ-N-STUFF-logo150 Spudz N Stuff,                                                            Any Day, Any Time, All Locations, All Month Long!!

QdobaLogo150Qdoba Mexican Grill, Evansville


     Acropolis, Evansville



                                                                                  Jake’s Wayback Burgers, Evansville


JustRenniesLLCLogoRGB  Just Rennie’s, Evansville                                                                                    (Lunch Only)

B&BLOGO  Beans & Baristas, Eastland Mall

ColdStoneRockyComboCold Stone Creamery, East and West Evansville

EvMassageSpecialists     Evansville Massage Specialists                                  buy 1 hour get 1 hour free (Swedish Only)

                                                                                                                                      Gattitown, Evansville

bostons_logo150    Boston’s, Newburgh                                                         (excluding Ribs & Salmon)

Jayas     Jaya’s Authentic Foods, Evansville

TasteofIndia      Taste of India, Evansville                                                                          (excluding Lamb)


                                                                                     Tin Man Brewing Co., Evansville


CarleosLogo   Carleos Food & Spirits, Owensboro                                 (excluding: Salmon, Tuna Steak, & Sirloin)

JustStylinJust Stylin, Evansville                                                              (buy-one haircut get-one free)

Golden-CorralGolden Corral, Henderson


HBHlogo Honey Baked Ham, Evansville


LeroysTavern Leroy’s Tavern, Evansville                                                                              (Sandwiches or 7 inch Pizza)


Piece of Cake, Evansville:                             buy-one latte get-one latte free



ToastLogoWebsite  Toast, Evansville                                     (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner up to $15 value)


Other Offers:

Western Rib-Eye and Ribs:  Buy-one entree get-one entree (of equal or lesser value) 50% off.

Commonwealth Kitchen and Bar in Henderson: Buy-one get-one half off

The Pie Pan, Evansville:  Buy-one entree get-one entree (of equal or lesser value) 50% off.

El Patron, Evansville:  Buy-one entree get-one entree (of equal or lesser value) 50% off.


CMB Make It Last from FatHead Media on Vimeo.


  1. Please add our email to your list for the Dating My Spouse mailing each month.

    • Tracy, I am sorry your email address was not on the Dating My Spouse list. The button info card was not received at our office. I have added you to the list and arranged for you to get this months email reminder. Happy Dating!!

  2. Could you please add our email to the list.

    • Samantha,
      Do you want to be added to the “Dating My Spouse” email list or the general Community Marriage Builders email list? Just want to make sure we get you where you want to be. Thanks

  3. So I was thinking my mom and step dad might enjoy this but they aren’t technically married but have been together since I was 10 I’m 25 now … Can they still use this??

    • Meg, We understand that yours is a unique situation. However, in order to maintain a consistent program we recommend that all participants be married.

  4. We cannot find the paper to send to you guys to join the email list, can we be added since we are participants?

    • Lindsey,
      We will add the email account that you provided via your comment to the Dating My Spouse email list.

  5. We have purchased a button, but are not getting the e-mails.

    • Laurel,
      I do see your name in the email list so we will send you a introduction email this week and you should receive our April E-blast on Friday.

  6. What about ENGAGED couples?!

    • Sarah,
      We are encouraged by your enthusiasm for the program but unfortunately it designed to target married couples in hopes that they will get back to dating their spouse again much like they would have when they were engaged.

  7. Unsure if anyone else has run into this but I see that Smiling Moose Deli is still on your list. We went there a couple months ago for Date my Spouse and they said they weren\’t honoring it anymore…

    • Sam,
      Thank you for letting us know, we will definitely look into that.

  8. Does each person have to have a button, or only one per couple?

    • Shannon,
      It is one button per couple.

  9. Excited to date my husband!!!

  10. Which restaurants allow lunches? We’ve gone to Spudz during lunch and they accepted the button but they weren’t marked for lunch so I was wondering if other restaurants were the same.

    Also, a suggestion for a new place to try to add is Little Italy in North Park

    • Kiersten,
      I know that “Just Rennie’s” does lunch, other than that it is not one of our requirements so it is up to each individual establishment. Thanks for the suggestions, we will look into that.

  11. Where do we find all the participating places to go because we dont get our email every month anymore?

    • Tre,
      You can always see the participating restaurants on the Dating My Spouse page of the website. If you would like to see the e-blast you can like our Dating My Spouse page on Facebook. If you have purchased a button and are not getting the emails you can call the office at 812-477-2260. Thank you

  12. I didn’t get the email, can we still wear our button and go out this week?

    • Absolutely Debbie,
      If you have a 2014 button you are good to go for this week!

  13. I see 2014 dates on the events calendar for the Date Your Spouse Weeks, but when I click on this page for more information; it takes me to a page that says 2013.

    Is the Date Your Spouse continuing throughout this year (2014)?


    • Once I posted my comment, it updated and I now see it’s continuing through 2014 🙂

  14. I am excited to get started I bought us a button yesterday and went back today to get three more for gifts. Shh don’t tell all my friends yet hope to surprise them:)

    • That is great! Your enthusiasm and excitement is a real encouragement to us as we continue the program. Thank you.

  15. Libby would be the person at pie pan. Joe owns both el patron and el charro, he is at el charro mostly. I think they both would like to participate is such a family orientated building program. You might also reach out to GD Ritzys. Wolfes BBQ might participate and highland pizza? Might even reach out to show place theaters.

    • Nancy,
      Wow, thank you for those suggestions and inside info! It is always good for us to have the person to talk to when approaching an establishment. This will definitely help us as we pursue new partners for the program.

  16. Is there a special restaurant from the list each month or is every restaurant listed available to eat at each month?

    • Every restaurant that is on the list is available every month. You can pick any of them or more than one every month. Thanks for the question and happy dating!

  17. I would like more restaurants on the North side Please. (North Park area) Suggestions: Little Italy (new), Jacobs, El Patron (new), Pie Pan, Canton Inn, Zoup, Dairy Queen, Arby’s, Subway, Head’s Pizza, Grandys, Long John Silvers, etc

    • Margaret,
      Thank you for your interest and support of the program, we are constantly trying to recruit more restaurants. We have found that it is challenging to work with national chain restaurants because they have to get approval from a corporate office. We have had the most success with locally owned establishments where we have a personal contact with the decision maker. If you know of a decision maker at one of the restaurants you suggested we would really appreciate that contact information.

  18. We did the couples massage last night, It was a good time !!!!!

    • Good for you! Sounds like a great way to relax during the holiday rush.

  19. This button is such an awesome thing, Everyone should tell their friends about it. I sold 26 or so of them to my friends,

    • We agree. Thanks Kent!

  20. I love the great work you guys are doing to help couples stay sane. We need more communities like this to advancearriages.

  21. Kelsey, make sure you join our email list by putting your email in the box to the right. You can also like our Facebook fan page to see our weekly marriage tips. Thanks

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