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Success Stories

This was a marriage in crisis. Then they heard about CMB (Community Marriage Builders) and how CMB could help them “make it last.”

CMB Make It Last from FatHead Media on Vimeo.

There’s no greater proof of the benefits of Community Marriage Builders’ programs than those who have experienced it firsthand. See how others have achieved marital bliss from CMB and get their advice on how to make your relationship work.

Michael and Tabetha

Mike and Michelle


Clarence and Velma, Married 70 years!

We’ve always worked together. I love her parents and she loves mine. We have lots of enjoyment with one another. There are many pieces to the marriage puzzle, and one of the most important pieces is to always build each other up with compliments and encouragement. Velma says this about her husband of 70 years, “He’s a good guy, a wonderful husband.”  Clarence says this about the love of his life, “She’s the most unselfish person I’ve ever known and has done more good things for people.”


Mark and Melissa, Married 7 years

Our biggest challenge is remembering to slow down and enjoy our time together.  Lack of communication can also be an issue since you don’t always have the time to sit down and catch up with one another. We do try to make “date nights,” even if it’s just coffee on the porch, it is well worth it. Sometimes this might be at 10:00 at night once the kids are asleep, but we believe any time is better than no time. If you don’t spend time with one another, you are going to forget what you love so much about each other. The relationship has to be nurtured in order to grow.


Tom and Laura, Married 11 years

Laura – Tom and I will be married eleven years… Because we were both previously married, we brought elderly parents, three children and three grandchildren into our marriage. God has given us the strength to care for all these family members from time to time, as well as care for each other. Communication, love and understanding has helped us. We know that without God at the center of our lives we could not survive one single day.
Tom – When difficult times occur in our marriage (as happens in all marriages) I try to put myself in “Laura’s shoes” so I can better understand where she is coming from. It’s not always easy to do, but putting my spouse before me helps me to overcome selfishness. The problems don’t go away, but this technique helps prevent arguing, which has never solved a problem and usually makes the situation worse.

The vows we took at our wedding are a covenant between us and God.  You can’t make a marriage work if you condition your relationship on “what you can do for me.” It has to be based upon “what can I do for you”’ and it has to be a commitment from both.”


Woodrow & Helen, Married 50 years!

When children come into your home, always continue to make time for one another. Never talk ugly to one another. Let your children see the love you share. Kissing in front of them may embarrass them, but do it anyway. Let your children know you love them. Show it and say it often.


Married 15 years

This gave us the opportunity to refine and refocus. This literally saved our marriage. If things hadn’t changed, my wife was very close to leaving me. The worse part was that I had no idea. You helped open our lines of communication. Thank you.

Married 10 years

I was ready to give up —  exhausted. We are trusting that God has equipped us with the skills to apply what is expected of us. Thank you.

Married 9 years

After nine years of marriage, we weren’t sure where we were heading. Things had gotten routine and we were drifting. This has given us new eyes to see our marriage and family like when we were newlyweds, only this time we have the excellent tools to do it right. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful life-changing way!

Married 7 months

We were lost when we came here. Now we know we can stay committed to each other and Christ. This is our 2nd marriage, so this has made all the difference. You helped save our marriage.

Married 5 years

This has helped us to break down barriers between us and embrace each other. We experienced the best intimacy last night than we have had for a long time.

We enjoy hearing from couples who are celebrating special anniversaries and have advice to offer on how they’ve made their marriage work. If you would like to be featured on our website, please click here to email your advice on achieving a happy marriage

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